Passion for Design & Soccer


We are Soccer fans and Designers based in Los Angeles, California USA who were tired of wondering where the heck some of the clubs we were watching on TV played. So we did some research and on our journey we discovered just what vast amounts of clubs there really are.

We were amazed at just how many important clubs there were densely packed in some cities in the world and just how is it that they are sustainable with such fragmented fan bases.

We decided since we were also designers why not put this onto paper so we can hang on our walls and reference these posters for when we wonder in just what part of a country a particular club plays. And that's how Football Club Maps was born.


Our commitment to quality is second to none. We take pride in using only the highest quality ink and paper. Our process is as environmentally friendly as possible.



Sergio Martin Delgado
Hometown: Secaucus, NJ
Lives in: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Club: Club Atletico Boca Juniors
Favorite Stadium: La Bombonera
Favorite Player: Leo Messi
All-Time Favorite Player: Giovanni Savarese
All-Time Best XI: G. Buffon, C. Puyol, P. Maldini, F. Beckenbauer, R. Keane, Z. Zidane, D. Maradona, J. Riquelme, Ronaldo(9), L. Messi, E. Cantona

An avid fan of soccer since birth, Sergio has been an Art Director for over 15 years. Working with big brands like Electronic Arts, Adidas, Hulu, Sony, Major League Soccer, FC Barcelona, COX, Howard Stern, FIFA, and FOX Sports to name a few.

His passion for soccer, travel, and design is what brought him to start this project. And along with the help of other soccer fans he was able to get details about each of the countries leagues. 


La Bombonera Buenos AIres, Argentina

Stade de France   Paris, France

Stade de France Paris, France